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  • Home made AFM-Fluorescence Microscope: Completely designed and built in our lab, the microscope combines a scanning probe microscope with a fluorescence microscope that can operate in wide field or confocal mode.
  • 2 High Sensitivity CCD
  • Optical and opto-mechanical components, including microscopy objectives
  • Galvanometer Scanners
  • Olympus IX-71 fluorescence microscope.
  • Double Raman Spectrometer (Jobin Yvon U1000). Detection: selectable between PMT and cooled camera (liquid N2)
  • 2 Ti:Sa Lasers pumped by solid state lasers (Verdi, Coherent). 50 fs pulses with up to 300 mW mean power. Tunable from 760 to 820 nm.
  • Air-Cooled Argon laser (SpectraPhysics), solid state lasers (100, 30 and 10 mW), HeNe lasers, diode lasers.
  • White light laser and Soliton source built using a Photonic Crystal Fiber.
  • Monocromators, detectors and spectrometers.
  • Photon counting units (SR400 Stanford Research), 4 x lockin amplifiers (Stanford Research SR830, SR844, SR510).
  • High bandwidth digital oscilloscopes.
  • 4 x Optical tables